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About Aliz

ALiz Inspirations, LLC is a company created by Avery Elizabeth. Avery is a registered nurse with a creative and helpful spirit who is concerned about the world around her. The idea for her company came from a strong desire to combine charitable work with the sale of original products that would be marketable to the public in useful and exciting ways. By teaming up with established companies to manufacture these goods and donating a portion of the proceeds to various charities, we can join lucrative business opportunities with monetary contributions as a way to give back globally.

Avery’s vision is to unite the corporate world with consumers and raise our level of awareness about important issues plaguing our everyday lives, making us all more conscious of our vast yet intimate connection and the need to preserve the circle of life. Her hope is to affect positive change and increase our level of respect for each other, our earth and the many species of plants and animals with whom we share our sacred living space.

Attaining the support of the business community and the public at large, Avery is confident that this endeavor can be a success. Together, we can promote conscious consumerism and leave a valuable positive imprint on our ever changing world.

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