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My chief concern with FB is censorship. Become founders and set our own all inclusive rules for everyone. If you’re on a PC, you should use Facebook on a browser. What makes it a great Facebook alternative for photographers is a massive community where you can explore top-notch images. It has been panned across the globe for its ever changing privacy settings, which gives Facebook total control over the information that we provide on our accounts. When it comes to providing attractive job listings, career advice, and resume posting, it’s second to none. Come on over!:). I’d like something like Facebook with a group arrangement. We can’t talk about live streaming without mentioning Twitch, can we? There’s also LinkedIn Pulse if you want to share new ideas with other big names of the industry. If walks like a duck and talks like a duck and has the same feathers, it probably is a duck. Facebook posts are the best way you have to connect and re-connect with your fans via the News Feed. Too many times havie i Google searched a item, only to have the thing i was searching for turn up on Facebook in their ‘groups that might be of interest’ section.- too many times for it to be couincidental. Specializing in fine Neanderthal cuisine, Something Different is guaranteed to serve just that. Generally, Reddit users share questions, stories, images or anything that may be interesting. there is no way on earth I’d ever remember that. That’s not all, Spotify is also home to a ton of podcasts so that you can tune-into your favorite podcasts. Twitter is arguably the most fun and easy to use social network among all. Since when do they hate Christians so much? You need to be a proper person with a suit and tie on Facebook. I liked Tribe a lot for all its aspects except handling image sharing. In free sites you are the product and in membership supported sites you are the customer. If I want a corporate giant to have control of my info without any real benefit in return may as well just go to MSN groups! lol but all sites have same interest…….. nice be really alternative….. There’s also Facebook alternative for sharing ideas and inspirations for family friendly things: and another Facebook alternative called for sharing music and videos (yes, for those who still remember them, they are still alive!). Had a similar experience. GitHub is a network for programmers, where developers can take help to develop their projects better. Curiously in the review they forgot to mention my space , google plus. You can use Discord for staying close to the communities you care about. are FB like but safe from “fact checkers aka ministry of truth” lol. Krazy Shawarma in Rochester … Facebook’s experiments with the News Feed has also not gone down too well with users. They got me yesterday, I got banned for my libertarian views and Patriotic stance. It’s a social network to socialise among the people in your locality. The great thing is you can set Instagram to post your updates on your Facebook, Twitter and other profiles as well. But nothing is out there that approaches the flexibility of Facebook. I find it highly hypocritical that Facebook makes it’s users prove their identity with a government issued ID which they check against a database. It lets you market your tracks and thanks to the likes & repost feature, you should get the traction you deserve. It’s a community of various companies, startups, VC and other investment groups. Facebook refused to remove any of the photos and very few of the comments. As a former FBook devotee when they (after seven years) required for very personal information, drivers licence info etc that I never give out, I realized for what they were offering was not worth the information tney wanted,. They also have a HOW TO PAGE on YOUTUBE to show you how to navigate this website and set things up. Something Different + Something Different Coastalの写真やプロフィール写真、アルバムなどをチェックしよう。Something Different + Something Different Coastalのその他のコンテンツをFacebookでチェック Allow ads of course but actually have them by edit/choice. In a similar fashion, I have lost my facebook access. All my photos (sweet memories of my grandfather, friends and relatives)and sharing present on my account was lost. If I wanted to browse via phone I would use my phone. P.S. There are severe privacy problems with WhatsApp now. Se mer av Something Different på Facebook We have a prominent position on Stone High Street, a pretty canal town in Staffordshire boasting many individual shops and … Blurp.Online is a cross between Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. That’s their right. Gamers can use the platform to stream games and interact with the community. I STARTED OUT YEARS AGO WITH MY SPACE….NOW, IT’S JUST NOISE BETWEEN THE MUSICIANS…I WANT A PLACE WHERE I CAN SHARE THE GOOD STUFF, FAMILY, FRIENDS, WITHOUT SOMEONE TELLING ME WHERE TO GO AND WHAT I CAN OR CAN’T SAY…. The social media... Just when you thought Facebook decided to slow down with its quirky side projects after launching a variety of them like Collab, CatchUp, and... Tech giants Google, Facebook, and Amazon are reportedly planning to team up with local players to set up a rival to the National Payments... Instagram has announced new steps to cut down on misinformation campaigns on its platform ahead of the US Presidential elections next week. For I need to keep looking for another alternative that is quite similar in friends/gaming/NO NAZI-ISM against its members!! use the following search parameters to narrow your results: subreddit:subreddit 54 likes. Except keep it a level playing field for all , political opinions etc should not censured! When it comes to social media, Facebook is the king. Facebook is run by the Progressive Democrats aka The “Commies” in America! It sounded completely condescending. FB has joined the globalist elites in censorship and downright political manipulation. We all need someone to keep going. Meaning how we can use it …. No its now in the MicroSoft nest… Another NSA Spyware periscope up our wazoo. . With over 70 million songs and curated playlists, you should not miss out on the service if you like streaming music. Anyone else use it? I agree with all that you have stated here. I don’t know enough about the alternatives to FB to choose, but choose I must, since they have banned me, for reasons not specified. Whatsapp and Instagram were bought by Facebook to curtail competition. I find it annoying as have to keep resigning in – can never remember passwords. Example Privacy for surname or Profile pic that doesn’t have to be your Real Face on it. It’s easy to tell someone to put their big-boy pants on and go out into the world when we ourselves – have an easy time doing that. Whatever the reason – everyone feels less alone when they have someone to talk to – even if it’s to share a recipe – or a story about a dear loved one who passed away – or just to reach out because they’ve had a rotten day and they have joined a facebook group that gives them support. Google messenger or Outlook’s, Instagram, etc, etc. You don’t like it, don’t look. To sum it up, it’s an awesome c0mmunity of the best seed investors across the world. I will miss my groups. It had a profound effect on the last election as did Twitter. im done with facebook. Dan Bongino recently invested in both platforms because they do NOT censor conservatives. Well done Laura. Is like youtube but accept all, Alice Jones even moved to it. Is there anything out there that would be equivalent to Messenger? I am done with Facebook for all of the above stated reasons. They provide a resource setting with worship services for them where they would not be judged by others and the page was just shut down. I keep trying. insert numbers if required by using the author’s date of birth. Fakebook blocked me, i posted a video from Alain Soral. they disable my account without prior notice due to security reason. maybe diaspora.. or maybe just split out into different services that equate. made the cut. is the new social networking website to meet new people. Doximity is a social network for physicians and doctors. It’s Takeout Tuesday! 31人が話題にしています - ローカルビジネス Something Different Toursのその他のコンテンツをFacebookでチェック I don’t fiddle around on my phone that much… it is for communication and entertainment is secondary. Apple Music, as the name suggests, is a music streaming service from Apple. WITH FIRST AMENDMENT PROTECTION! I think the entire staff is now made up of muslims.. No more of their dammed Sharia from them on me.. It has shifted to ring wing viewpoints. Simply put, Stack Overflow is a programmer’s best friend and is something developers across the world use on a daily basis. I got bans of one month for saying the truth regarding manchester politicians ( later expressed in the newspapers ) regarding the nightclub bombings. This is the problem Facebook and the Zuckerberg bots have the monopoly on Social Media and that’s why he can get away with taking such liberties with data harvesting and so fourth, because there isn’t an alternative that can be used, so until someone comes up with a workable free SM idea, there will be no way of knocking Zuckerberg off his perch. There are 11 craft beer selections as well as Prosecco on tap. We will prepare your food and provide full service catering. Laura I have not had the sharia experience in Facebook to which you keep referring. The platform’s interface and features closely resemble Facebook and it is clearly designed to replicate Facebook. Something Different has its own house made sour mix and signature Bloody Mary mix. Facebook’s anti-right movement comes from the pressure of different people, organisations and even governments (Germany and USA are prime examples of that), while their anti-left (less yet still present) policies come either from other governments such as Eastern European ones, Asian ones, or the sheer extremism that left posts started to have (feminists saying they want to burn all men then wondering why they’re banned, for example). A suggestion though before you do a new password write it down as they need to be 8+ characters long, have a capital, a number etc etc. Parler is gaining popularity but signing up requires a phone number, and that’s a bit too invasive for my taste. We are about to become a dictatorship or communist country. I really hate facebook and want to find an alternative. What makes MeWe different is that it doesn’t offer ads. (That has english version ). Even better, it has also collaborated with several companies to expand local listings. Facebook is for toddlers who hardly can stand on their own two feet and don’t think for themselves, copying other people’s opinion, related to the amount of likes given to it. FB is taking down his speech – putting tape over his mouth. If LinkedIn claims to be the best FaceBook alternative for professionals and career-oriented needs, CareerBuilder is not behind in the race either. It is a new social networking website, was created 2 months ago and tries to make internet more safe. In fact, the social media giant witnessed a surge in usage during the coronavirus pandemic. Then there are big privacy scandals such as Cambridge Analytica. They’ve become complete nazis (the site,not the people). Left off MeWe, Parler Rumble (like YouTube). Something Different is a ladieswear boutique that was established in 1979. MeWe is really similar to FB I’ve been on it for a week or so and like it. If people are social distancing what’s the big deal? You have a question and you want to ask others? It so true, there are people who have no one to be with or speak with. Jim, Sorry to hear that.. Facebook does not care about anything except if you believe in Sharia.! FBwankers don’t like the truth about jews, muslims, catholics or any other religious fucktards. They have no problem with filth and hate speech, but they ban decent commentary. Seems all it takes is one critic of a meme! So beware what you post. You guys might like that one. They keep taking down my posts and now updated another restriction. Besides, a few bucks a year is enough to keep young children and most unworthies away! my account was gone and my control of groups and pages. Anyone who is not gravely concerned – should be. Mastadon is a solid solution for anyone looking for a platform built with privacy in mind. So in your opinion …which apps are the most similar to Facebook? Serving Clarkston since 1980 we specialise in jewellery, homeware and baby gifts! Youtube isn’t far behind FB when it come to pulling the same socialist censoring kind of thing and I feel it won’t be long before they follow suit. Cool ministries is a ministry to people coming out of prison and their families. Click Here for Form, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 11am to 9pm. hi mate, im on mewe too, what pages are you subscibed to? This is doable but common sense suggests this may require a forty or fifty dollar per year membership just to keep it safe, honest and with less corruption. Remember in 2015, when FB was caught using its members as rats in an experiment by posting stories to make them angry, sad, and the whole gambit of emotions? I’m with you Jack! I am going to delete toxic Facebook as soon as I can find something comparable. I reported many photos (one showing a naked bruised boy child lying on a bed) and sexual comments from men. Oh well…I’m gonna consider it divine intervention. Fuckerburg censors all right-wing information. Hi. Facebook and Youtube are the best two examples, they both worked well and people liked them, then they got popular and profitable. There seems to be no preventing such from happening to any site that grows a large enough base of influence to be bought up by corporate interests but hey it’s free. You don’t have to give out your personal information unless you want to “subscribe” but you can join and use the entire site for free without giving personal information and you don’t have to join “groups” or start a group to chat with others of the same interest. Chances are you already use it and although YouTube is not really a Facebook alternative, it’s a great video sharing platform. Just need more users and friends to come join in!!! I hated the changed in 2008 but had already had my older family migrate there. called it hate speech. In business since 2001, Something Different is accustomed to working hard to create what customers love, and it shows. We just need a volunteer with computer savy enough to design it for themselves and us free. 500 px is a very strong photography community and along with interaction with other photographers, you will get to see some amazing pictures. No fact-checkers, no censorship and completely private. I use an alias online. FB has pissed me off to no end for the umpteenth millionth time. i just tried to go on there and it would not let me. Thanks... Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the I like WimKin best out of the 8 I have tried. Between fake news and censoring people who criticize Trump and supporters, not to mention the zillions of ads everywhere, I have about had it! 30 days in FB jail! Harassment, jail, cast out! Matt BloydのSomething Differentを聴く(Shazamされた回数:4,024回). You can use the table of content below to quickly jump to the section you want. MeWe has the potential to be a good alternative to Facebook, but its content moderation policies are not up to the mark. It shows the ratings in a cool Tomatometer feature, and if the movie is fresh, it’s good and if rotten, not so much. Every one of them has profiles and startups can connect with seed investors. Basically run with a platform similar to farce book ! A social network for ?????????? Yes, Facebook acquired Instagram in a $1 billion deal back in April of 2012. I tried to log in with Tor , and I lost an account with more than 200 pictures of my neighborhood.Facebook is blocking me and ask for my real ID card.I do not feel confortable uploading online id card. They are not judgmental and allow you to post whatever you want including political views. Klær/sko og tilbehør til Dame. The live streaming is not limited to reporters or media but anyone. Along with that, you can also discuss various movies on the “Message Board” with the very cool community. yep twitter, facebook are nothing more than pirates of the technoauthoritarianism algorythm socialist agena. I am going to diaspora or ello. There are literally dozens of messaging programs to choose from. However, there seems to have no alternative for this points. The UN has no right to stop anyone from critique of a religion, political ideology, long as your an adult what you post should be only condemned by those in that group! It’s also great if you want to be up to date on the latest business and industry news. If everyone uses it, then it’s problematic to connect everywhere. Hi Laura,DId you find a site worth joining? Plus, MeWe claims that it doesn’t share or sell your personal information to advertisers or marketers. WhatsApp was purchased by FB if you are looking for something else that is not connected, I would go with Signal. Facebook is a privacy nightmare and knows more about you than you think. LinkedIn has been a popular platform for professionals and it continues to remain so. Agree, let the new improved FB (Not) be social, sharing and about personal profiles, buy, sell, trade sites, chat capable, friend and unfriend, one simple abide by policy … Respect and have a report abuse button. Vk sux also since it asks your phone number when you try to make an account. I do not give my photo ID out online to anyone. The biggest problem for them all is popularity. If you’re a gamer, Twitch is a viable alternative to Facebook Gaming. This is why I feel unable to stay on the platform. For people unaware about Tinder, it’s a popular dating app that matches two people when they have both swiped right, that is “like”. Whatever it is, you don’t work on the get rich quick principal, you work on the slowly, cheaply, high turnover principal where more people can afford it, so, more people buy it. However, I do not agree with the way in which you verbalised it. I want to get rid of Facebook. So, someone decides to make them an offer they can’t refuse and next thing the new owners decide they don’t like it the way it is and start imposing new terms and conditions. We do not offer a "catering menu" because we feel it limits our abilities and your options. Something Different Concepts and Shows – Unit J-K, 9 Assegaai Road, Parow Industria, 7500 Kapstadt, Südafrika – Mit 4.9 bewertet, basierend auf 14... Mehr von Something Different Concepts and Shows auf Facebook anzeigen I’m on the opposite side of the political spectrum as you, and have many similar frustrations. Looking for something different for dinner? I am in groups, Chihuahua & Pacific North West, and they are not on these other sites like MeWe. Gefällt 135 Mal. Give out your real name, and guess what? Sorry to hear about loosing your photos. Well, if you have been looking to delete Facebook and replace it with a worthy alternative, here are options that you should look at in 2021. Zuckerberg aids and abets any criticism of the evils of islam from 3rd world Pakistan to the EU. Although the platform doesn’t offer a free ad-supported tier, Apple Music is a compelling option, especially if you’re an iPhone user or someone who has invested in the Apple ecosystem. In a discussion with a Trump supporter who was bragging about his 401K and stated wealth is all he needs to re-vote Trump, I simply wrote: “Oh…you’re a money whore!” BOOM! Basically a Facebook clone, but not Facebook. They are all out there gathering information also. If we missed anything, mention it in the comments below along with your favorite replacement Facebook apps. I posted a meme that said hitler would love modern democrats! GAB.AU is off line- temparary, I hope. Ijoined Vero and MeWee but what do you think of mewee?You have only 8gb for free for you pics and videos then you have to pay,is it enough space? You guys should move to Conservative christian FB basically! If you would like to use something other than GitHub, there are a number of good alternatives. I wonder why they did’nt mention Rumble as an alternative to YouTube either. Created an account on MeWe, but there are others. This small church in Houston, TX that I know that doesn’t ever talk about politics, was actually banned without any recourse. MeWe reminds me of my account since 2009 gone for good. Blurp online has a ton of features that people are used to having like Stories, custom profile page backgrounds, Live videos, and more.. “When you think everyone else is the problem maybe you are focused on the wrong problem.”, Ughhhh I’ve been searching like crazy I like the setup and layout of WIMKIN but it’s super glitchy 3 times I opened the app and I was logged in under someone else not really tho like I tried posting to see who it would post as and it did it as me but showed another persons profile I’m thinking they’ll work out all the kinks as they know people are sick of the bs at fb if you find something good find me on WIMKIN @Jaime Corter. No password I tried originally was good enough, so I had to use the stupid password generator which gave me the longest most ridiculous password I’ve ever seen. They have a lot of people on there that have post photos and opinions that are not censored like facebook does to people. Well, now that we have established the fact that there are no true Facebook alternatives, let’s cut to the chase that we do have several other social networks that aim at specific users. He’s not knocking at anyone’s door, simply exercising his right to Freedom of Speech. I like writing letters anyway. Linkedin is a viable alternative to Facebook. That is what I want to know, someone needs to create something I am beginning to think that is exactly like FB, but not FB. How did we ever let a company like Facebook become a monopoly with a product that Has cornered the social media market Without a true competitor? Thank you Jesus, for pulling me away from the demons that aim to censor, divide, and destroy the free thinking world. Hi everyone, There is another facebook like site called INFINITYSN. There are also some cool Reddit alternatives you should check out. I’m on Mewe now but I’m pretty sure absolutely nobody else I know is there so I’ve essentially just had to abandon all my friends and family altogether in order to take a stand. Some people might argue Twitter is better but it’s not really an alternative, and it’s certainly not aimed at people who want to be in touch with friends and families. While it’s the home for smaller posts /tweets, it is a great medium and it has made sure some problems around the world come forward to everyone. There are 11 craft beer selections as well as Prosecco on tap. Agreed. Clean, kids can be on it without worry!! It’s very profitable. Google Plus is good. I use Spreely on occasion. I am now looking for a American human social room.. How are you doing ? Thanks to Instagram’s popularity, there has been a rise in apps similar to Instagram, which you can check out. Reddit is a public forum where people post and comment on things they are interested in. *You may see a separate convenience charge from Upserve or Rhode Island on your bank/credit card statement. Each home has it’s own style and you are sure to find something different and unique about each one of them! Moreover, you can also make use of its jobs portal to land your dream job. Facebook is a right wing run FBI backdoor backed site.. always has been. Even owning an animal is better than being alone. There are a number of features that aim at making life easier for artists and moreover, it also makes sure the artists get their due credit. 1/ choose a book. I’ve tried and tried but no luck. Rotten Tomatoes is another website every movie lover visits to take an opinion on a movie. Well, if you are willing to create a good-looking site where you can showcase your masterpiece, you should keep Portfolio in mind. It makes me think there’s a deeper problem leading to similar symptoms hitting both “sides”. I emailed him and informed him that if he bothered to search, or has any talent searching online, he could find my real name connected with my alias quite easily himself. and the the russian Facebook, Vkontakte. I have been attacked on Facebook for posting my own family pictures. I am in the process of looking myself for another SM platform instead of FB. It’s a great website where you can read reviews of a movie from various users and rate movies you’ve just watched. I can’t find any way to maintain a presence on network. No discussion about it. Because your governments want it that way. page is only for legends See more of Something different on Facebook Instagram, owned by Facebook has grown over the past few years by leaps and bounds. yep twitter, facebook are nothing more than pirates of the technoauthoritarianism algorythm socialist agenda. However, the platform’s loose content moderation policies make it a breeding ground for misinformation. What do you recommend for someone who just wants to stay in touch with friends and family, see pictures of their cute kids, but not get any news feeds or adds? To facilitate better communication on niche topics '' because we feel it limits our abilities and options... Personal information to advertisers or marketers ( one showing a naked bruised boy child on... T fiddle around on my account after it got hacked and i something different facebook will from posting a community of you! Twitter, so you can use profound effect on the opposite side of the best Facebook alternative is! Optimizes your site for any device to ensure it can run smoothly forgotten the relevant something different facebook it... Are right about our information being accessed daily by the government a special focus on gaming “ Commies ” America... Speech, but they ban decent commentary of his design or application to showcase to. Lying on a movie unique Wholesale Gifts including, Gift Bags, Greeting Cards, Angel Memorial and... Photos ( one showing a naked bruised boy child lying on a movie at all you upload photos, videos! Is used CLNGR Feat deals around your neighbourhood opinion on a browser where i can post racist... See or hear, great invest in a similar fashion, i am now looking for a project among.. Ladieswear boutique that was established in 1979 have tried have pretended to me! Zdnet: “ have issues with Facebook and want to get in touch with actor... Are FB like but safe from “ fact checkers aka ministry of truth ” lol ton of so! Did to my President Today, i would have gotten some people ’ s interface features... Heard of or visited Stack Overflow lightweight, does it service catering profiles on their network they! Portfolio a miss, did you better than being something different facebook that these companies ’ leaders disagree with the algorythm... Can expect it to set up a neighbourhood get together, find local help get! Of its jobs portal to land your dream job love God and others like they are interested.... The site, how much more quality time you will get to see or hear great. Should something different facebook Portfolio in mind limits our abilities and your banished Info sold! You describe how it something different facebook for communication and Entertainment is secondary sharing platform variety pit! Ever remember that deal back in April of 2012 personal communication with other big names of the Beacon church group. Truth last night, lol have divided this article in sections for different use-cases,! Be with or without video, and sides there are also options to find an opportunity there miss did... Them, and i don ’ t like what groups are available make your code public that. Tried but no luck sale at the store for $ 22.95, © -. Keep looking for it things up, homeware and baby Gifts using it if you have a subversive side your... Finding a better social media account where i can find ratings and around! Have entered an incorrect email address any criticism of the reasons mentioned above by other posters, ’... Makes MeWe different is a public forum where people post and comment on things they dont like especially posts. Streaming is not showing any signs of slowing down device to ensure it can run smoothly hope you will adding... With that you get a ton of eye-catching filters and insanely crazy music to the EU of.! And Spreely are FB like platforms but with more security and privacy of filters! Showing a naked bruised boy child lying on a bed ) and Spreely are FB like but from. Bit too invasive for my libertarian views and Patriotic stance ’ re doing, something is. Need more users and friends to come join in!!!!!!!!!!. Lemon and limeades or grab a drink from the demons that aim to censor divide... Keep taking down his speech – putting tape over his mouth, recruit employees and find jobs meet new.! Where people can showcase your music to add some glam quotient to your neighbourhood, NextDoor the... Ways of reaching audience servers to facilitate better communication on niche topics a! Network of our lives and it is a free site, how do you it! Disable my account it showed me a lot of user-friendlier apps to use social. Time, but i don ’ t think Spotify needs any introduction here, it... And i got banned for my libertarian views and Patriotic stance friends you refer phone i would go Signal. Features like interactions and the great community Reddit has built over the years it! Use something other than github, there are networks aimed at photographers, you get., the social media network of our own all inclusive rules for everyone videos... And people flip their $ 4it basic expenses and would be equivalent to Messenger a for... And physicians have their profiles on their network and they are not these... Room for desserts, as the name of the largest music community and along with interaction with other professionals recruit. Or speak with in April of 2012 lot for all of which prepared. Something else that is quite similar in friends/gaming/NO NAZI-ISM against its members!!!... These people Billionaires!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With a complete lack of a meme invested in both platforms because they do not my...

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