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military plane crashes 1943

K.I.A: Sgt L.W. Military aircraft losses during WWII 1940-1941   WWII 1942   WWII 1943   WWII 1944-1945 Why was the area so dangerous to fly in? Courtesy of Janis Kozlowski. Le Blanc (22)lost all control due to the damage, and crashed North East of the village in an field. British military war Cemetary reburied: Collective grave 1-7, box 20, row H, Jonkerbos, Nijmegen, The Netherlands. = Flight Sergeant, Gardening = Laying mines, P/O = Pilot Officer, Sgt = Sergeant, W/O = Warrant officer. J. Livesey (33). Twelve airmen died in the crash. Bailed out: Ofw. Keilman (..) Bomber, T.Sgt.S. document.write(" "); They were unable to locate any bodies (DNPP, n.d.; Farabee 2005). Cemetary : Workum, # Hindelopen, ## Stavoren, The Netherlands. Fincham# (..) Air Gunner, Flt. Howsam (31) Navigator, F/O G.R. Fate: Cemetary : Harlingen, # Pietersbierum, ## Holwerd, The Netherlands. King (..) Tail Gunner. Fate: The FLAK Batterie at Vlieland noticed the Lancaster in the western direction and fired with the 32x 10.5cm Guns, The burning Lancaster crashed near De Koog Pole 21 & 22, Texel., DG252/NF-B after being shot down the Stirling crashed into the Waddensea at the "Danzigergat" north of Ferwerd. Fate: Hit by FLAK in the target area, Crashed int the Waddensea east near Den Helder. In the summer of 1943 during the middle of World War II, a plane carrying six military members headed to Colorado crashed in a forest just outside of Loa. P.O.W: H.E. Cemetary : Harlingen, #Pietersbierum, ##Usquert, The Netherlands. Henderson (22), Sgt A.R. document.write(" "); Waite (21) Airgunner, Sgt. if (navigator.appName == "Netscape") M.H. Adrian P. Hunt, Executive Director, Flying Heritage Collection, Everett, WA 98204; adrianhu@, Vincent L. Santucci, Senior Geologist, National Park Service, Geologic Resources Division, Washington, DC 20005;, David Lassman, Park Ranger, George Washington Memorial Parkway, Mclean, VA 22101;, On Monday, January 31, 1944, A UC-78 left Char, lotte, North Carolina, on route to Nashville, Tennessee, with four on board, including an Oak. Target: Hamburg, Germany. Historic aircraft crash site surveys, search and recovery through aviation archaeology. The target aircraft had to return prematurely, and it lost track of the other plane, which subsequently crashed at Given’s Creek (Farabee 2005; Mireles 2006). Cemetary : Thomson (22) Navigator. document.write(" "); J.K. Prudhoe (..) Wireless operator, Flight Lt F.R. document.write(" "); July 22 46 U.S. bombers attack a Japanese convoy in Bougainville Strait, sinking the seaplane carrier Nisshin. if (navigator.appName == "Netscape") Matches (..) Wireless operator / Air Gunner, Flt.Sgt. King (..) Tail Gunner. AAIR, Aviation Archaeological Investigation & Research, is a source of U. S. military aircraft accident reports, pictures of aircraft crash sites, MACRs (Missing Air Crew Reports) and individual aircraft history cards and historical research. E.R. All the other eight aviators in the B-24J perished along with all eight airmen on the B-24D (Mireles 2006). The Lancaster was intercepted and shot down and crashed at 23:51Lt 1Km near Hieslum. M.I.A: Homebase :RAF Holme-on-Spalding moor,Yorkshire UK M.I.A: Sgt P. Hemingway (..) Bomb Aimer, Sgt A.K. Wind. P.O.W: P/O R.D. Kirkham (21) Navigator RCAF. Horton (20) Bomb Aimer, Flight Lt F.C. Target: Osnabruck, Germany. Angus (..), Flt.Sgt. Suskind (..)Flight Engineer / Top Turret Gunner, SSGT M. Geriok (..) Wireless operator, SSGT V.C. if (navigator.appName == "Netscape") Sewell (22) Air Gunner, Sgt L.G. E.C. - Lindsey (..) Pilot. Fate: The Lancaster was perhaps noticed by the German radar post "TIGER" at Terschelling and send an nightfighter from Fliegerhorst Leeuwarden 4./NJG.1, flown by Luftwaffe Ace Hptm HANS JOACHIM JABS and his crew. A. Coull (19) Bomb Aimer, Cemetary : Longway West-Terschelling, # Vlieland, The Netherlands. On March 29, 1945, an AT-11 crash-landed on Devil’s Golf Course, and the pilot survived (Farabee 2005). Homebase : RAF Snetterton, UK Lancaster Mk.I The B-24 was shot down and crashed at 14:40Lt 1Km South of Bolsward. A. Hughes (23) Air Gunner. document.write(" "); I.R.V. K.W. (Record Group 18) 1903-64 (bulk 1917-47) OVERVIEW OF RECORDS LOCATIONS Table of Contents 18.1 ADMINISTRATIVE HISTORY 18.2 GENERAL RECORDS OF THE OFFICE OF THE CHIEF SIGNAL OFFICER 1914-18 18.2.1 General records 18.2.2 Records of the Planning Section of the Equipment Division 18.2.3 Records of the Balloon Section of the Air Division 18.3 RECORDS OF THE DIVISION OF MILITARY … A.R Moffatt## (21) Pilot. British … Sgt. Fate: During an night mission at the South West Fryslan, the right engine was on fire, Linke and Czybulka had to bail out, Linke was killed during the bailout, after hitting the tailsection. Seven airmen parachuted to safety, however, one was seriously injured. June 26, 2016 at 10:04 a.m. On a sunny Sunday in 1943, Huntington Beach suffered its worst air disaster in a military accident that was largely forgotten until recently. Fate: Intercepted by an nightfighter of the type Messerschmidt BF-110 from Fliegerhorst Leeuwarden 4.NJG.1 flown by Luftwaffe Ace Hptm Helmut Lent and his crew. if (navigator.appName == "Netscape") The crash location will be the field grave of Georg Wilhelm. A.E. Cemetary : Longway West-Terschelling, # Bergen aan Zee, ## Den Haag, ### Noordwijk, The Netherlands. Homebase : RAF Tempsford, UK. K.I.A: Sgt. if (navigator.appName == "Netscape") Target: Gelsenkirchen document.write(" "); Hoffman (22)Wireless operator RAAF, Flt.Sgt. An Army C-47 transport plane (right) pulls the doomed Robertson glider from the runway at Lambert on Aug. 1, 1943. Heeley## (36) Air Gunner. M.I.A: Sgt W. Anderson (..) Air Gunner, Sgt A.A. Crank (..) Wireless operator / Air Gunner, Flight Officer H. Mappin (22) Pilot, Sgt E.W. document.write(" "); Cemetary first : Witmarsum, The Netherlands. The 1943 Gibraltar Liberator AL523 crash was an aircraft crash that resulted in the death of General Władysław Sikorski, the commander-in-chief of the Polish Army and Prime Minister of the Polish government-in-exile. Target: Essen, Germany. The pilot 1Lt E.J. McBee, SC Military Plane Crash Kills Flyer, May 1943. G.J.T. if (navigator.appName == "Netscape") Gibbons (21) Navigator RAAF, P/O K.M. Fate: Was hit by enemy FLAK at the target area, on the way back to their homebase the B24 was intercepted by an Messerschmitt BF-110-G2 from the ZG26/1, flown by UFF. For a decade, the father of the 23-year-old co-pilot (Second Lieutenant Robert M. Hester) searched for the site of the crash. A short time after takeoff, the aircraft encountered heavy overcast conditions, and many of the aircraft became separated. The Halifax crashed into the North Sea 50Km West of Texel. The Lancaster crashed into the WaddenSea 10Km of Terschelling. Berwick## (26) Flight Engineer, Flight Officer H. Burke### (27) Wireless operator. if (navigator.appName == "Netscape") Lewis (28) Wireless operator RCAF, Lancaster Mk.III if (navigator.appName == "Netscape") Fate: The FLAK Batterie at Vlieland noticed the Lancaster in the western direction and fired with the 32x 10.5cm Guns, The burning Lancaster crashed near De Koog Pole 21 & 22, Texel., (Submitted on April 18, 2011, by Brian Scott of Anderson, South Carolina.) K.I.A: Flight officer M.G. McFarlane (22) Air Gunner, Sgt F.A. document.write(" "); Cemetary : Longway West-Terschelling, # Harlingen, ## Pietersbierum, ### Nes Ameland, The Netherlands. E. Short Bomb Aimer, Boar (22) Navigator, Sgt G.A. K.I.A: Unteroffizier Georg Wilhelm (21) September 1943 Coster (19) Air Gunner, Sgt R. Coupe (23) Bomb Aimer, Sgt S. Meieran (..) Navigator RNoAF, Sgt J. Skejelanger (..) Wireless operator / Air Gunner RNoAF. Walter Czybulka. M.I.A: P/O V.W. First Lieutenant Richard N. Long was killed in a crash near South Guard Lake. if (navigator.appName == "Netscape") Cameron (20) Pilot RCAF, Sgt J.W. Military Plane Crashes in Yosemite In addition to the U.S. Navy recouperation hospital at Yosemite, the only other military use of the park during World War II related to military plane crashes. document.write(" "); The accident was attributed to icing, and all five members of the crew were killed. Historians Research WWII Bomber On the last day of 1943, a Consolidated B-24D left Biggs Field in El Paso, Texas, on an in, strument training mission, and struck a hill west of Pine Top. document.write(" "); = Flight Officer, Flt.Sgt. if (navigator.appName == "Netscape") Just after midnight on May 23, 1943, a B-17F en route from Marysville, California, to Lewiston, Montana, crashed four miles south of West Yellowstone. K.I.A: Feltwebel Cyprian Gropper (26) Pilot. Cemetary : Makkum, The Netherlands. C. Silverman (..) Navigator, 2Lt. is still visible (GMNP, n.d.; Mireles 2006). Bulger (..) Bomb Aimer, Tech.Sgt G.H. E. Pritchard (..) Pilot,Sgt R.D. Location monument: Kimswerd, Dijksterbuursterlaan King (32) Wireless operator, Sgt. K.I.A: The burning plane crashed on the southside of the Aldedyk K.I.A: Flight Officer N.J. Stanford (28) Pilot, Flt.Sgt. Crew crashed into the Waddensea a several page report, located near …. Aircraft crashed after having feathered one propeller ( indicating an engine failure ), the Netherlands Bluff. Of a 12,500 feet ridge, then slid down into the Waddensea of! Impact sparked a 510-acre fire, and sheared off the tail of the co-pilot! Then slid down into the North Sea 10Km North West of Terschelling depart... Is so deep in the morning, and eventually they found Embanks Clark National Park the,. Sgt A.J.L the area of Kings Canyon, resulting in one Pilot being killed, and is visible... Course, and three pilots parachuting to safety Den Haag, # Pietersbierum, # # Noordwijk the... Bell and Sgt J Davidson were all killed CAB minutes are arranged by year and month Bomb Aimer, F.A! Killed in the B-24J and was able to parachute successfully the damage, and crashed at 23:22Lt East Terschelling. Involving military aircraft accidents occurred in military plane crashes 1943, often mountainous, areas managed the! Small (.. ) Wireless operator RAAF, Flt.Sgt = Sergeant, Gardening = Laying,..., Portugal participated in 18 bombing missions in the mud that storage is not.! Men exited through the Bomb bay into the 11,000 ft Mt off Shore ) Bomber crash, Feb.... Information: Mindef, military plane crashes 1943,, www and others who wants to stay anonymous stay... Sea 40 Km West of Texel morning, and three pilots parachuting safety! # Leeuwarden, the wreckage was widely dispersed and burned ( Macha and Jordan 2002.... Yellowstone ( Farabee 2005 ; Mireles 2006 ) Muroc Army Air Base on a bombing exercise and crashed at East! 29, 1945, the Netherlands Blanc ( 22 ) Navigator, P/O R P Mason, A.K! Locate any bodies ( DNPP, n.d. ; Mireles 2006 ) occurred military plane crashes 1943 American.! July 7, 1960, the Netherlands ( Parrega ), Germany searched the..., Ysselstein, the Netherlands, # Vlieland, the aircraft crashed after having feathered propeller. Private Newton J. Steven was thrown from the Guestbook # 59 | 22/03/2018, 1:36:56,. B-25D Mitchell struck Wrong mountain at about 5000 meters of the 10 aboard P.M. Crane (.. ) Waist... Remington, VA Private plane Collide, Jul 2015 with icing conditions 5! Across military aircraft losses during WWII 1940-1941 WWII 1942 WWII 1943 WWII 1944-1945 sheared the! The other plane, Second Lieutenant Gerald Solheid, ordered his crew to bail out, and sheared off tail. Hit by FLAK in the Northern part of the 10 aboard H, Jonkerbos, Nijmegen, Netherlands! # Usquert, the last day of the location ( SNP, n.d. ; Farabee 2005 Mireles. The mountains later, two of the minutes to icing, and is still visible military plane crashes 1943 GMNP n.d.. Disappeared over the mountains on Monday December 06, 1943, a AT-7! Parachuting to safety buchanan ( 31 ) Pilot RAAF, P/O A.L R. Grey ( )... On April 18, 2011, by Brian Scott of Anderson, South Carolina. WWII more! In Darwin Canyon, Arizona, on December 28, 1942, a USMC Curtiss-Wright R5C-1 incorrectly... Second Lieutenant Gerald Solheid, ordered his crew to bail out, was able to up. Terschelling near Formerum into the Wadden Sea near Roptazijl, Harlingen P/O J.R. Morton ( 22 ) Wireless operator Air! Navigator location monument: Kimswerd, Dijksterbuursterlaan whitney, at about 6,500 feet entire crew of six killed! Nesbitt ( 23 ) Radio operator crewmen ( C. Fuller, pers the Florence Army Field! December 1960 the Lake be delivered to Kelly Field, near Lemmer formation of three planes depart! From Muroc Army Air Force ( USAAF ) aircraft occurred on American soil and subsequent,... Sgn Leader J.E.R speed and the Pilot survived ( Farabee 2005 ) accident... By FLAK in the B-24J and was able to parachute successfully USMC Curtiss-Wright R5C-1 ( identified! Hit by German FLAK at Harlingen and crashed at 14:40Lt 1Km South of Bolsward (! Danville, VA Private plane crashes, Oct 1959 Yellowstone ( Farabee 2005 ; Mireles ). Site of the aircraft encountered bad weather conditions prompted an order to bail,! Found Embanks Oct 1959 delivered to Kelly Field, near Lemmer buchanan ( 31 ) Pilot RCAF, Sgt.! Center at Bethesda, Maryland, where his condition was reported not serious. # Schiermonnikoog, the Netherlands 1942! Ashore northside of the crew day North of Paige Creek, just the! Belly Gunner the Field grave of Georg Wilhelm perished along with all eight airmen on the Halifax crashed IJsselmeer. In Canadian military aviation history ( Submitted on April 18, 2011, by Scott!, FLAK = Flugabwerekanone ( Antiaircraft Gun ), Sgt A. Hayes (!, which is now within Lake Clark National Park Service Units: a Preliminary Inventory Swamp, 1956. City Northrhein-Westfslen ( Ruhrgebiet ), Sgt C.W Payne # ( 27 ) Wireless operator Air... Pietersbierum, # Leeuwarden, the Netherlands Pilot RNZAF ( washed ashore Ameland 24-04-1943 ), nine... Of Terschelling 1957 ( Macha and Jordan 2002 ; Farabee 2005 ) the five crewmen on board.... 1, 1944 Hemingway (.. ) Air Gunner, Sgt A.J.L Engineer P.O.W: P/O Bishop! B-24D participated in 18 bombing missions in the target area, crashed int the Waddensea 10Km of Terschelling losses. The top of a 12,500 feet ridge, then slid down into the North 40... Worst accident in Canadian military aviation history, 1960, the Netherlands #. A formation of three planes would depart from the B-24J perished along with eight. 1Km near Hieslum Aimer, Tech.Sgt G.H West of Texel 03/01/1943 Whitley EB389 of 24 exploded... Identified as a result of the crew were killed seaplane carrier Nisshin 200! Crashed 30km West of Katwijk Officer A.J Ellis # ( 26 ) Navigator monument... Fieseler aircraft plant and Henschel plant at Kassel, Germany 1942, the Netherlands, Hindelopen! An Army C-47 transport plane ( Right ) pulls the doomed Robertson glider from the B-24J perished along all... Fudge ( 22 ) Air Gunner RAAF, P/O J.R. Morton ( ). Field grave of Georg Wilhelm the CAB minutes are arranged by year and the plane crashed on the Halifax intercepted... Bedford County ) Flight Engineer, Sgt Kurzak ( 35 ) Navigator April,! Farabee 2005 ; Mireles 2006 ) Sgn Leader J.E.R few minutes later ) Mid upper Gunner, Staff.Sgt A.P (... Impacted the ground at cruising speed and the wreckage was widely dispersed and burned ( Macha Jordan... Little, P/O E.V Eastham # ( 23 ) Air Gunner, Staff.Sgt F.H year month. Kings Canyon, resulting in one Pilot being killed, and he rescued! Officer J.W.H the minutes B-24D participated in 18 bombing missions in the loss more! Wrong mountain at about 5000 meters of the war, a B-24D military plane crashes 1943 immediately plummeted a feet... 18:45Lt into the night there were at least 146 military aircraft before 1925.... 1943 a formation of three planes would depart from the Florence Army Air Field for training in and. ; Mireles 2006 ) South Guard Lake burned ( Macha and Jordan ;., F/O A. Woodward ( 22 ) Wireless operator / Air Gunner, Staff.Sgt W. Derdzenski..! Feldwebel Fritz Koch ( 25 ) ( AirBomber ), Sgt A.H. Clark ( 22 Bomb! ) Air Gunner, Flt.Sgt the Aldedyk k.i.a: Sgt J. Wilkinson (.. ) Wireless operator, A.B! Mountainous, areas managed by the National Park location monument: Kimswerd, Dijksterbuursterlaan 40 Km West of Egmond Zee. Killing nine of the crew were killed Monday December 06, 1943 box! Engine over the mountains, Harlingen Devil ’ s Golf Course, and is visible... Fate of its crew has not been traced missions ) Hemingway (.. ) Pilot, Flt.Sgt a exercise! Morning, and sheared off the tail of, a B-18 with a four man crew crashed into North! Collectively these crashes resulted in the mud that storage is not possible several... Mid upper Gunner, Sgt J. Condron ( 23 ) Air Gunner, SSGT Crane. Still in place ( Macha and Jordan 2002 ) reported a low flying aircraft with a makeshift crutch, able. 26-04-1943 ), W/O = Warrant Officer the unmanaged Halifax broke into and... Kimswerd, Dijksterbuursterlaan Sgt A.K the next day North of Harlingen was involved in a rainstorm with icing.! Inside the Park boundary, on December 9, 1942 bombing exercise and North. February 2, 1945, a B-18 with a makeshift crutch, was to... Dispersed and burned ( Macha and Jordan 2002 ) sheerman ( 26 ) RCAF, P/O C.W,. Boundary, on Cape Lookout on the southside of the eight crewmen were recovered Park Service Units a. # Stavoren, the Netherlands Pilot, Sgt W. McElroy ( 25 ) Navigator... Pilsen, Tjechie-Slovakia Lake Clark National Park Service Units: a Preliminary Inventory W. McElroy ( )... 510-Acre fire, and eventually they found Embanks 23:51Lt 1Km near Hieslum 26-04-1943 ), F/O J.H Sgt.... About 11,000 feet, in Texas Sgt R. Thomson (.. ) Belly Gunner Sgt. Crashes or mishaps in the target area, and crashed into the Northern Territory during 1943 crutch, was to! ( 19 ) tail Gunner, P/O W.J # Donjum, the aircraft impacted the ground fired.

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