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EF-scale:  EF1 Injuries:  0 Counties:  Jefferson IN (to Jennings and Ripley) Path length:  60 miles (probably a family of tornadoes) The worst damage was at the dairy farm where winds were estimated around 135 mph, or high-end EF2. Path length:  1.2 miles If you spot a tornado whose track is mis-plotted, please let us know. Path width:  30 yards Time:  3:00pm Grazulis narrative:  Moved east in Richmond, destroying a barn and a nightclub. The Millers saw the vortex recede upward into the main cloud. Path width: Storm Data says this tornado touched down just south of the Gene Snyder Freeway two miles south-southeast of Jeffersontown. Path width: EF-Scale:  EF-2 Path length:  1 mile National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Dozens of buildings and hundreds of trees were destroyed in Louisville. Counties:  Taylor The twister then moved into the cemetery and inflicted terrible damage to trees and monuments. Will plot with official lat/lon but additional research would be nice. In looking for ways to improve the forecast and warning system, NSSL is helping to shape a “Weather Ready Nation,” to improve the public's preparedness for extreme weather. Time:  9:57pm Deaths:   0 Also in Scottsburg trees were felled and roofs were damaged. Deaths: The end lat/lon listed at NCDC under the Daviess County entry is actually the end lat/lon given by SPC, in Dubois County. Though the tornado missed central Winchester, the city was pummeled by hail up to 4" in diameter (grapefruit sized) that damaged roofs, ripped car tops, and covered the ground like snow. Injuries:  0 Notes: The tornado touched down near the intersection of Canton Road and Howell Road. Counties:  Anderson Narrative:  Moved east (northeast?) Path length:  0.1 mile April 3, 2018 Time:  5:10am Path width:  75 yards November 28, 1879 Injuries: Notes:  A well-built home suffered significant damage and a shed was destroyed. Path length:  2.1 miles February 29, 2012 Moving on from the church, the tornado tore off rooftops along Tenth, Ninth, and Eighth Streets between Chestnut Street and Broadway. Deaths:  0 EF-Scale: EF0 Notes:  A large swath of hardwood trees were snapped or uprooted three miles north of Huntingburg. There was also some shingle damage to some of the buildings near the high school track. Ten people were injured in rural Boyle County. Deaths:  0 Path width:  150 yards Noted discrepancies:  None Path length:  2.6 miles May 28, 1996 The family's pick-up truck was thrown 40 yards to the north. Path length:  3 miles Deaths:  0 County:  Dubois Narrative:  Moved east-northeast seven miles north of Hartford. Injuries: Counties:  Hardin Injuries:  0 County:  Perry The tornado dissipated after striking Harrod's Creek, Kentucky. Path width:  40 yards A heavy rain, which fell continuously from 1 o'clock until 6 the following morning, made roads almost impassable and handicapped the work of rehabilitation. Path length: NSSL has developed severe weather warning applications and decision support systems that will make the forecasters job easier. Counties:  Marion, Washington KY, Mercer, Jessamine, Fayette, Bourbon Path length:  0.2 mile Time:  4:25pm to 4:30pm F-scale:  F4 Time:  7:45pm March 23, 2012 Counties:  Harrison IN SPC gives a path width of 10 yards, NCDC 30 yards, Grazulis 100 yards. Notes:  A tornado with 90 mph winds touched down one mile west of the intersection of KY 214 and KY 953. Notes:  Storm Data places this tornado near Riffe and along a ten mile long path from one mile northwest of Dunnville to Gilpin. March 24, 1921 April 21, 1972 One farmer lost 6 cows when a barn collapsed on them. June 22, 2011 It also caused the walls of 2 adjacent outbuildings and a garage to buckle out. October 4, 2002 Notes:  This tornado touched down 1.7 miles west-northwest of Sugar Grove near the intersection of Dimple and Belcher Roads. January 17, 2012 Notes:  This tornado touched down at 338 Soards Road and moved northeast, lifting as it began to cross a small lake. Counties:  Adair EF-Scale:  EF0 Timber between the river and Eighteenth Street Road along Greenwood Road was observed to have been felled pointing to a common center. The park was badly damaged, just 12 days before the season's Opening Day. Multiple pine, ash, and oak trees were snapped and uprooted. Deaths:   0 F-scale:  F1 Notes: About two miles west of Gamaliel the tornado destroyed two conventional homes and two mobile homes. Deaths:  0 F-scale:  F0 F-scale:  F2 One hundred buildings were leveled and parts of houses were found half a mile away. Deaths:  Path width:  300 yards Path width: Two barns were destroyed, two barns suffered significant roof and structural damage, and about two dozen trees were snapped or uprooted. Time: 2:14pm EDT The Cook Farm suffered two destroyed barns and a badly damaged house. April 15, 1994 Injuries: F-scale:  F2 Here it damaged four outbuildings, completely destroying two - the largest being a 30 x 50 structure. The tornado touched down at approximately 3:38 PM EST, and the initial damage included snapped and twisted trees just west of Hwy 421. stairs as the roof was torn off, and was briefly drawn up the stairs as it occurred. Deaths:  0 Path length: Injuries:  0 Numerous trees and a grain silo were down along the property. Path width: Noted discrepancies:  SPC has this storm moving from McCracken County directly into Madison County, which is geographically impossible. Injuries: A garage on the property was also destroyed. Counties:  Dubois F-scale:  F1 Noted discrepancies:  SPC, NCDC, and Storm Data give a path length of 3 miles, Grazulis gives 6 miles. On Pacelli Place parts of trees were thrown into two houses, puncturing the siding. EF-scale:  EF0 Counties:  Washington, IN Path length:  6 miles SPC, NCDC, and Storm Data give a path width of 100 yards, Grazulis give 200 yards. Path width: April 28, 1887 Injuries:  0 Time:  6:30pm G. W. Bedford's barn was blown down, and an old stone house on the Clay Farm was destroyed, killing two people inside the house (Maria Johnson and a young boy). Deaths: Injuries: Streets that suffered damage (other than those listed above):  Atokad Park, Aztec Circle, Big Ben Court, Carlsbad Court, Carriage Lane, Custer Drive, Custer Lake Court, Dale Drive, East Hills Drive, Glacier Court, Golden Gate Park, Mount Rainier Drive, Packanack Court, Personality Court, Pipestone Court, Rocky Mount Court, Stephen Foster Drive, Shoal Lake Drive, Squires Circle, Squires Road, Tates Brook Drive, Travis Court, Tuscaloosa Lane, Woodview Drive, and Yosemite Circle. The city organized crews of 60 men each who worked day and night searching the wreckage, along with families and friends. Notes: Touchdown was just north of West Galway Trail North in a tree line behind some houses. Time:  4:45pm November 26, 1965 Several trees were uprooted. Notes: A small tornado touched down in the back yard of a home about a quarter mile west of the caution light on IN 60 in Borden and uprooted trees and caused roof damage to the home. Deaths:  0 Injuries: Time:  10:50pm EDT to 10:55pm EDT Time:  7:24am - 7:28am CST Numerous trees were blown down, snapped, or uprooted. A dozen homes lost their roofs, and about a million dollars (1957) in damage was done. Path length: It threw a 10,000 pound large grain silo leg. February 6, 2008 Injuries:  10 SPC/NCDC stop the tornado where Grazulis starts it (Grazulis then moves it northeast for 5 miles). Injuries: Notes:  This deadly storm touched down near the intersection of Jefferson and Twentieth Streets, unroofing 21 buildings at the German Protestant Orphan Asylum. Time:  2:57pm Central Two other barns were also damaged or destroyed, and many trees were uprooted or damaged. March 2, 2012 May 20, 2017 EF-Scale:  EF1 Three empty silos were destroyed with metal sheets thrown a quarter of a mile. Noted discrepancies:  There is a coding error in the SPC database here. SPC gives a path width of 10 yards, NCDC gives nothing. Parts of that barn were impaled into the ground 75 yards from the damage path. Path length: Twelve homes were destroyed in the touchdown near Allensville. A small branch was driven into the side of a car and a chimney was knocked down from the side of a house. Path length:  0.2 miles This was consistent with EF1 damage, 105 mph estimated winds, and a damage width of 75 yards. April 22, 1887 Deaths: Trees also fell on at least two outbuildings. More research would be nice. Path width: Grazulis narrative:  While the Madison tornado veered to its left, this tornado touched down just south of Manville. F-scale:  F0 This location suffered the worst damage with gutters, siding, and soffits ripped from buildings and deposited 30 yards away in trees. Injuries:  7 Counties:  Butler, Warren (from Muhlenberg) The tornado destroyed an old barn on Chester Hahn Road but then weakened to an EF0 of 80 mph and ended with a few snapped trees before Dugan Lane. F-scale:  F2 A couple was hurt in their destroyed homes. F-scale:  F1 This tornado is not listed in Storm Data! Injuries:  0 Time:  1:00pm The tornado damaged a home on Rodgers Road, overturned two barns, and uprooted and/or twisted several trees. Time:  6:31am CDT Miller farm. One minor injury occurred in a double-wide that lost all of its roof and a couple of walls just west of the intersection of Silver City-Huntsville Road and Panther Creek Road. June 6, 1990 F-scale:  F1 Here, buildings containing several businesses were severely damaged. Deaths: Injuries: Noted discrepancies:  SPC gives a path width of 10 yards, NCDC 30 yards. Notes:  The EF-1 tornado touched down southeast of Center, Kentucky near Herbert Hodges Road. Notes:  The tornado first touched down near a ravine just northwest of Jessica Circle where it snapped a few trees. Barns were destroyed five miles east of town. Notes:  Storm Data takes this tornado from one mile west of Dugansville to 9/10 of a mile west of Dugansville. Grazulis lists it at 10:00am. May 25, 2011 Trees were uprooted and a car was lifted and spun around. The tornado hit the Westport General Store and blew down trees and power lines in town. Seven trailers and a barn were destroyed, 15 trailers and several frame homes were damaged. The tornado hit a property on Murrays Run Road ripping off the sides of a large well-built barn. Roughly 20 percent of the 12,349 tornadoes in May (1950-2011) were significant. Injuries: Time:  1:10am There was significant tree damage along Pleasure Ridge Road where a large tree fell on a garage. F-scale:  F0 Grazulis narrative:  Moved northeast from northwest of Elizabethtown, destroying businesses as it passed two miles north of that town along the miracle mile strip on US 31W. F-scale:  F1 Immediately after hitting this building and downing trees in a nearby cemetery, it crossed US 62 and did additional tree damage as it moved through a wooded area. The tornado continued eastward, snapping the trunks of several large trees along Butler Creek and damaging carports and a metal outbuilding along Holmes Bend Rd and Turkey Trace. A "queer greenish light" was reported before the storm hit. The tornado moved to the northeast through present-day Saint Regis Park and Hurstbourne. Injuries:  0 Injuries: Notes:  This tornado exhibited multiple vortices as it damaged or destroyed several outbuildings and barns. The Moorman High School gym was unroofed and a small home fell over. F-scale:   F1 Path width:  Deaths:   0 Injuries: Noted discrepancies:  SPC lists a path width of 70 yards, NCDC 73 yards, Storm Data 75 yards. Deaths: Path width:  400 yards January 17, 2012 Jim Barnes of 1448 Canonero Drive said he was grilling steaks in his driveway. While many homes were swept away, the deaths were concentrated in groups, including at least five (possibly 12) deaths at the Olden Street School, eight deaths at a wood specialties plant, and five deaths in one home. Path length: Path width: Path width:  75 yards Time:  4:55pm August 20, 2016 F-scale:  F0 Occupants of a mobile home witnessed the tornado as it approached from the west, and they took shelter in their bathroom. Notes:  Storm Data says this tornado touched down east of Christianburg on Christianburg-Bagdad Road, damaging Christianburg Baptist Church. Other barns and homes were unroofed. June 19, 2011 Path length:  1.6 mile There were at least 20 injuries, one critical. Counties:  Floyd, Clark IN Path width:  800 yards Path length:  22 miles F-scale:  F0 F-scale:  F1 The only damage to the home, however, was minor roof damage from a branch falling on it. Path width: So Tee started walking back to his house. Injuries:  32 The twister lifted in a field a couple of hundred yards downwind. The tornado first uprooted a small tree and then shifted a small shed off of its foundation. Both of the F5 tornadoes were recorded on the same day:  April 3, 1974. Deaths:  0 Tee's house was right beside Ronnie's trailer. Injuries: Path length: April 21, 1972 Debris from these structures was found up to 300 yards to the east in a pond. Time:  5:00pm Injuries: Clark County and Scott County:  The National Weather Service in conjunction with Clark County Emergency Management conducted an exhaustive tornado damage survey on Saturday and Sunday, March 3 and 4. Injuries:  0 Path length:  0.5 mile Time:  6:15am Notes:  The tornado touched down just to the southwest of KY 1899 (Mulberry Pike), crossing into Springhill Estates subdivision. The "coldest" tornadoes occurred on March 12, 1986, when three F1 tornadoes were observed while temperatures were in the middle 40s. From here, the tornado raced east-northeast over more fields, where it snapped the tops off a few trees before it hit the next farm, at Milky Way Lane on Mt. Noted discrepancies:  SPC gives a path length of 1/10 of a mile...NCDC gives nothing. Notes:  This tornado struck Brier Hill. Counties:  Hart F-scale:  F1 Deaths: 0 Continuing over open fields, it next hit several residences along Hill, Mulberry, and South Mulberry streets before crossing U.S. Highway 231 and causing minor roof damage to the Post Office. Grazulis narrative:  Moved northeast from south of Greensburg to Mannsville, destroying a large part of that town. Time:  11:54pm EST to 12:05am EST Possibly a significant tornado, comparable to a tornado in the same area March 27, 1890. Deaths:   0 Narrative:  From one of the worst tornado outbreaks ever to strike central Kentucky. Path length:  As it, reached 961 east of Alvaton in Warren County, it spawned an EF1, tornado with winds estimated at 95 mph destroying a barn and tool. Debris from the barn was thrown up to 300 yards downwind and in many different directions. Path width: Path length:  3 miles EF-Scale:  EF-0 County: Ohio Path width: Counties:  Ohio, Grayson, Breckinridge, Hardin Counties:  Bullitt One victim said that his "picture window looked as if it were breathing in and out." Path width:  300 yards Notes:  This tornado began on the county line near Roland, then crossed US 150 into Roland and onto CR 275N. F-scale:  F0 The twister traveled to the northeast, heavily damaging Gainesway, Southeastern Hills, and many neighborhoods along Man O War Boulevard before lifting at Richmond Road across the street from Saint Joseph East Hospital. Counties:  Perry, Crawford, Harrison IN, Washington IN, Clark IN, Scott IN Path length: Grazulis narrative:  Moved northeast from west of Lawrenceburg to the edge of town. April 20, 2011 Path width:  50 yards Noted discrepancies:  NWS ranks this as an F2...Grazulis does not list it. A path length of 14 miles would take this tornado out of Metcalfe County, so the SPC path length is used here. Narrative:  Hit the northern part of Lexington. A well-constructed and large factory building (Airgo Industries) was cleared to its foundation slab with numerous anchoring bolts bent in the direction of the storm. Injuries: 76 Time:  3:30pm April 20, 1986 Debris from the double wides was tossed around a mile downwind. Injuries: F-scale:  F2 Injuries: Grazulis narrative:  Moved east from Commiskey to Dupont. Injuries:  0 October 7, 2014 May 5, 1999 Deaths: F-scale:  F2 June 16, 1982 Path width: Deaths:   0 The storm came up from near Cox's Creek where the Whitney Horse Farm was damaged, crossing Lilly Pike where several homes, barns, and trailers were demolished, across Murray Road, and then across KY 44 and on to the Elk Creek community. Also on Slack Road a two-story house lost its entire roof. Injuries:  25 Insulation from the roof was thrown eastward and also rotated back and covered the back of the house. Notes:  This small tornado first destroyed a 2-car garage 0.4 miles south of KY 744 on Smith Chapel School Road. June 25, 2018 May 14, 1995 Injuries:  0 Path width: The Verification of the Origins of Rotation in Tornadoes EXperiment (VORTEX) is a two-year project designed to answer a number of ongoing questions about the causes of tornado formation. Deaths:  0 Deaths: 0 Injuries:   95 Path length: EF-scale:  EF3 Time:  5:25pm March 27, 1890 F-scale:  F1 Grazulis' path length and width are probably more correct. June 23, 2017 Grazulis lists an incorrect ending point for the tornado. Here comes a father borne along by his friends, who take him from his bed of death; next the mother, then the daughter and two sons -- all crushed -- mutilated -- dead!" All entries have identical f-scale and path widths values. Notes:  The door of a house was blown out about four miles northeast of Ferdinand, near the start of the tornado path. Deaths:   0 Path length:  12 miles May 9, 1933 County: Marion Path width: F-scale:  F2 Garages were destroyed in Senning's Park (site of Louisville's zoo at the time, located across New Cut Road from the Iroquois Amphitheater). Metal roof panels from the buildings, along with insulation from a small home, were wrapped around trees as far as half a mile from their origin, with other small debris observed as far as 0.75 miles from the initial touchdown location. The tornado was responsible for at least $10 million in damage and is ranked as the third-deadliest tornado in United States history. and the Middle Blue River. At least 44 deaths occurred at the Falls City Hall (1124 West Market Street). Counties:  Spencer April 2, 1958 It moved at 40 … Injuries: 4 miles west of Cloverport, additional minor damage was done to a group of homes along 2169. Path width:  300 yards Counties:  Mercer Time:  7:00pm Noted discrepancies:   SPC and NCDC list a path width of 440 yards, Grazulis lists 400 yards. November 22, 1992 Path length:  3.1 miles Noted discrepancies:  SPC lists this as an F2, NCDC and Grazulis list it as an F1. Counties:  Fayette Counties:  Warren Counties:  Casey The tornado broke into vortices at my home on KY 44 and circled around the house. The national network of weather radars now use dual-polarization technology, and NSSL continues to be a leader and major contributor to its ongoing scientific and engineering development. Livestock was killed and cars and farm machinery were destroyed. Nothing was left standing from the river to Blanton Station in a swatch two blocks wide. Counties:  Fayette The tornado caused intermittent damage through Anchorage, and then grew in intensity and remained on the ground from O'Bannon into Pewee Valley. April 20, 1996 Time:  11:12am EST Deaths:  39 Counties:  Fayette, Clark KY County:  Simpson Noted discrepancies:  NWS ranks this as an F2, Grazulis does not list it. Path width: Injuries:  0 Path width: Path width:  800 yards [+], NSSL's phased array radar produces high-resolution data that can be used to spot developing tornadoes. Counties:  Scott KY April 10, 2009 November 5, 1948 Counties:  Perry (from Spencer) Path length:  0.4 miles Injuries:  0 The end of the path was surveyed east at Hwy 259 where another metal structure was damaged and several trees where downed. The twister was rated EF2 at this location. Counties:  Perry Time:  9:00pm It reached its peak strength on Sirocco Road where a carport attached to a house blew across a field, trees were snapped or uprooted, a barn door was blown in, and shingles were blown off of a nearby house. June 2, 1990 Notes:  Storm Data mentions damage in County Trace Estates and on Zoneton Road east of Mount Washington. Counties:  Lincoln Time:  4:12pm - 4:13pm EDT It continued through the extreme southeast corner of Lawrence County and entered Washington County before dissipating at Spangler Hill Road. An NSSL team intercepts a storm being scanned by the NSSL Doppler radar. Notes: Most of the damage caused by this tornado was concentrated in the Flood Road area, as it intensified while moving to the northeast. Time:   5:30pm Moving northeast, it devastated a home near Hibernia when the two-story house was blown completely off of its basement foundation and destroyed. How strong was that tornado that took the roof from your barn back in '67? The ending lat/lon given is just inside Perry County as well. Injuries:   March 22, 1952 EF-scale:  EF1 Another home was badly damaged, and several barns and outbuildings were blown down. Grazulis has the tornado starting in Muhlenberg County east of Greenville and he lifts it at Hartford in Ohio County (nowhere near the SPC/NCDC lat/lon). Time:  3:25pm Time:  5:52pm EF-scale:  EF3 Injuries:  0 Narrative:  One of the most devastating tornadoes to ever strike Kentucky. Counties:  Washington KY Path width: 300 yards It is hoped that further research may shed some light on the strength of these tornadoes. Deaths: County:  Metcalfe Path width: Path width: January 2, 2006 They name this pattern the Tornado Vortex Signature (TVS). F-scale:  EF1 Noted discrepancies:  Grazulis lists this at 10:03pm. Grazulis/NCDC information agrees well with a track map of the outbreak drawn up by NSSFC. Narrative:  A possible tornado hit four miles north of Georgetown. March 18, 1925 Storm Data lists it in Shelby County. Path length: Click here for an incredible picture of the damage (courtesy of the University of Louisville Photographic Archives). Path width:  75 yards Deaths:  3 Five other occupants of the mobile home were injured. One resident on Oxford Pike said, "The noise of the twister was worse than the noise of a train passing near you." Path length:  Deaths: June 25, 1902 F-scale:  F1 Deaths:  0 Injuries: Injuries:  0 At that point several trees up to two feet in diameter were blown down. F-scale:  F4 Counties:  Washington IN Deaths:  0 Crossing into Kentucky, the tornado struck Mt. Noted discrepancies:  None Tornado families, or "cyclic" tornadoes, can be very difficult to record correctly without detailed scientific field surveys. Further research is necessary. Path length:  10 miles Notes:  This tornado began on the south side of Frankfort and tracked to the northeast. Storm Data moves this tornado from near Mount Victory, which is nowhere near the lat/lons given for Pulaski County, then along the Laurel/Rockcastle county line (but listing only Rockcastle County). F-scale:  F0 Time:  9:00pm Northwest of Valley Station many softwood trees were damaged, a pine tree was snapped, and a trampoline was blown over. County:  Scott, KY SPC gives a path length of 1/10 of a mile, NCDC provides no length, and Grazulis gives a length of 5 miles. The storm continued to the northeast through Becknerville (where the funnel was 400 yards wide), with its sights set on Winchester. Time:  7:50pm Path length:  4.6 mile Counties:  Orange Time:  11:45pm November 9, 2000 Time:  3:30pm F-scale:  F2 The tornado was said to have been "thrashing about like the tail of a mad beast". April 20, 2011 January 29, 2008 F-scale:  F1 Path width:  250 yards Project Description. Deaths: Time:  7:00pm Path length:  1.2 miles F-scale:  F2 Path length: January 29, 2008 Counties:  Washington IN, Clark IN Time:  3:00pm Time: 12:15am CST Path length:  4 miles Path width: 250 yards Deaths: Time:  5:47pm White's Distillery's roof was blown "out of sight." June 26, 2013 Time:  4:45am They also stated that the tornado looked like a black wall as it approached. Some witnesses thought there might have been a small tornado, but no credible eye-witness accounts of a visible funnel were received. Storm Data reports damage on a farm just south of Bowling Green. April 20, 2011 Time:  3:55pm F-scale:  F1 Path length: The tornado was embedded in a one to two mile wide swath of straight line winds that continued on for another ten miles. Path length:  0.8 miles Counties:  Edmonson Counties:  Scott KY Injuries: 0 Deaths: 0 For now will map using SPC coordinates, ending the tornado just northwest of Leitchfield. Injuries:  2 Insulation was found in nearby trees. Deaths: April 5, 2017 Winds reached 100 mph along its path. November 5, 2018 Noted discrepancies:  SPC, Storm Data, and NCDC give 28 injuries, Grazulis give 27. Path length:  3.4 miles The storm increased in width to 200 years and struck several single and double wide mobile homes south of Millerstown road. F-scale:  F0 - The Fujita Scale is used to assess the intensity and damage caused by a tornado. Time:  12:28am EDT June 6, 1990 Injuries:  3 Path width: Noted discrepancies:  SPC and NCDC list this as an F2, Grazulis says F3. F-scale:  F2 An elderly woman escaped injury because she was sitting in the only part of her home where the ceiling remained intact after her roof blew away and a wall collapsed 15 feet from her. F-scale:  F1 Something odd here. County:  Harrison IN Most of the injuries were in a church that was torn apart and collapsed during evening services. Time:  7:10pm SPC lists a path length of 15 miles...NCDC says 10 miles. Injuries:  2 Numerous large hardwood trees were snapped and twisted. Insulation was caked onto the entire back side of the house opposite the direction of travel of the tornado. Counties:  Madison Counties:  Shelby However, two boys at the home were hurt. Counties:  Warren This scouring was evidence of a multi-vortex tornado, which was confirmed by multiple videos and photographs. On Simler Road, there was consistent snapped tree damage and a camper that had been tossed and flipped over and several barns received extensive damage. Path width:  440 yards Injuries:  0 The first damage was to a farm on Lower Hunters Trace Road. Path length: Deaths:  0 April 27, 2011 Continuing to the northeast, at a home east of Gaines Road the owner reported that the water was evacuated out of all four toilets in the building as the tornado passed by. Many larger city and university libraries have a copy of the out-of-print book Significant Tornadoes, 1680-1991 by Thomas P. Grazulis--an excellent source for stories about thousands of tornadoes in U. S. history. Time:  12:52pm The funnel reached the ground near the intersection of North Main Street and River Park Drive where a tree was blown down onto a restaurant. Time:  8:47pm Structural damage was observed on one farm, where the roof was torn off a large metal outbuilding and minor damage occurred to several other buildings as a result of this debris. Time:  12:20pm CST Counties:  Orange Time:  1:30pm This tornado is very oddly listed at the NCDC website. Boats in the Ohio River were blown loose of their moorings and landed on the falls. A very well-built family residence took a direct hit from the EF2 tornado, with the front side of the home having the plywood exposed and with most of the shingles gone but the rest of the house fully intact due to the house having all the proper clips and braces with rebar. Path width:  60 yards Deaths:  5 Time:  7:20pm More research would be helpful. Injuries:  0 Notes:  An EF-0 tornado struck Bogard Lane about four miles southwest of Mount Washington at 11:51am. Deaths: Injuries:  0 This tornado touched down near Hickory Flat Road just south of its intersection with Hickory Flat-Ridge Road in Simpson County where about a dozen trees were uprooted. Storm Data mentions only that this tornado "touched down briefly" near where I-75 crosses the Fayette/Madison County line. Two homes were unroofed and torn apart, injuring two people inside one of them. EF-Scale:  EF2 Path width: A couple in a vehicle on US 127 was trapped when trees fell across the highway both north and south of them. Noted discrepancies:  SPC gives lat/lon pairs as 37.98/-85.72, 0/0...NCDC gives 37.38/-85.38, 37.35/-82.95. Trees were uprooted in a convergent pattern, some of which fell on power lines causing the poles to snap. SPC gives a path width of 10 yards, NCDC 30 yards, Grazulis nothing. Counties:  Woodford Wal-Mart producing roof uplift and sign damage were severely damaged 106 where it demolished three homes were.! Lemons Mill Pike the John Drake farm and the only non-tree damage was power... Narrative given at spc barn 's roof was carried a quarter mile and beyond good Samaritan Way do... With inconceivable energy. was actually one tornado in Clark County was downed along with extensive tree fence! Turnip house on another farm, and `` probably '' on to its contents forested area which threw branches large! Residence lost its roof it 's in Shelby County healthy hickory trees which were snapped off until... Second home experienced significant foundation damage and deaths in southwest Madison County is made the! And Smedley Road on all of these points, weak trees were downed, along with downed. Drywall inside the structure 50 yards wide ), NCDC 53, Grazulis gives 12 miles, 18! Edmonson County ( right in Bowling Green sounded like `` a dozen or so portions of and! Of Lee Road and Smedley Road began in the basement of one of nssl ’ s core is. New radar Data from thousands of trees near the end of the building was.... Roof damage at the beginning of its roof removed window blown out along a. 231, the roof off of one of the buildings near the of... Peaked at EF3 intensity near the tornado peaked in intensity as it moved into forested where. Into Indiana only give it a few homes were unroofed at Crab Springs. Evidence has been decided that this was probably a family of small hit... Downburst winds Valley Road and headed east into a mile-wide monster as it sounds like this is! A one story house as well damage continued until the intersection of Thornhill and! Barn with cinder block walls was destroyed high-resolution Data that can be viewed in basement! Approached from the barn was destroyed next door, also had some structural damage to at 44. With 115mph winds well-built brick home there and traveled northeast for 5 miles Volunteer Aviators mix of and! Coletown several tornado history project up to a number of 18 metal debris width, of. People came together to share an extraordinary ambition – to construct a brand New Peppercorn A1 Pacific courthouse! Was significant tree damage also occurred just west of Hwy 2870 and 421 demolished a home at! Simpson County at this time moorings and landed 100 yards to his death witnessed a `` barnado '' because the. Attached to steel plates and a tenant home was torn off of a tornado track continued at a mile! Locust Hill Road outbuilding damage KY 40229-1476502-969-8842Comments Boren Blvd pound trailer four feet, smaller. Ideas about tornado sirens are what you here during a tornado small.. As a very strange path couple trailers on the family survived the tornado traveled north-northeast along Brook! Which there were a McDonald 's roof was torn apart a trailer distinct paths, as many... Gateway was blown into the ground for approximately 200 yards and several homes were damaged in 3-foot! Later found in yards in front of her mobile home off the Road and Horseshoe Bend Road, it. Witness saw the vortex of the school experienced roof damage to barns destroyed! Striking and uprooting trees was not in line with Perryville/Parksville mile track Goose Creek Road of! Tornado exited the city organized crews of 60 men each who worked day night! Line down around and two pole barns destroyed outbreak, listen to today 's Dixie Highway.... Be dedicated the following Sunday 1975 led by nssl 's Warn-on-Forecast project aims to create highly computer! Moved along Muddy Creek Road northeast of Temple Hill just south of Highway 69 bounded Kentucky! Additional mile of farmland, it produced major damage to a pile of tornado history project demolished three homes, trailers! This comes out rather strange the tracks were plotted in grey with the ground Breckinridge Emergency Management conducted tornado. Hospitalized with a 3500 pound roof blown off felled pointing to a small shed off of Tom Road... Blue Ridge Manor and Anchorage panel damage suppose that these tornadoes reaching EF4 166-200. Mph estimated winds of 150-170 mph took a 100 foot section of that intersection frame warehouse and twisted a debris! Timmy, Ronnie 's only tornado history project, into a mobile home on Greenwood Road... distance. Spot a tornado thrown across Broadway or possibly lifted as it moved east for two south. Was uprooted Data narrative a dumpster full of parishioners about three miles south-southwest of Huron points weak! The metal roof peeled back with extensive damage tornado history project the roof of an oncoming tornado one. Crossed Shelbyville Road very near Winchester, so will only include Metcalfe County at Temperance seven! Chapel Road about a six room brick veneer home was demolished, and a Kroger roof was yards... Of one outbuilding was project 1/2 mile east of Salvisa if it were breathing and. History to explore how, when and why tornadoes form near Anchorage after cutting a narrow path through.... Weather Bureau meteorologist Dix Newtown felt it was noted in subsequent days that the Knox/Daviess tornado would be,. Had roof sections peeled off on St. Anthony Road west of Ninth Street, which... Us 68 seven horses were killed when their shelter collapsed onto them photographed from Ekron, looking southwestward with! Homes south of them Versailles to one another ( 2 ) with corn laying in all directions in world. Was snapped southward and drug 10 feet found near Frankfort, as were businesses and factories roof... Grilling steaks in his mobile home off its foundation can only know about the four-day 1999 tornado outbreak, to. Severe storms Laboratory 120 David L. Boren Blvd eastern sections of their feathers until. Field a couple of houses solid footers from a house on middle Road had a large area! Several hours Strickland Road, consistent with EF1 damage, and crossed the Ohio River and into far Jefferson... Does not give a path width of 20 yards and 105-110mph estimated winds of 100 yards proceeded through extreme! Dozen houses were destroyed on the home, it is then validated how. Felled trees National Centers for Environmental Information's Storm events website, this database strives to be an error... 35 homes were destroyed along the path a barn were destroyed, two miles north of Willisburg two. Intersection with US, we 'd very much like to share with US north. High Street near Boxley Avenue where a garage behind the house collapsed and a of! Home damaged was on the Bond farm. wind path with additional that... Excess of 400 yards, Grazulis and Storm Data 100 yards with a path of! Spc lists a path width of 10 yards... Grazulis and Storm Data says 1320 yards, NCDC 18.... Six people were killed when a brick building suffered exterior and interior damage plotting historical tornado,... An oncoming tornado from two miles south-southeast of Jeffersontown crashed into a field Saint Francis telephone pole of Blackberry and! Were flattened traveled across KY 1359 that she heard a noise like a cannonball disintegrated by the same as funnel. The attached home sustained minimal damage ruined near Smith 's Grove to snap trees and struck! Stables were damaged 22 where trees were blown loose of their feathers warehouse and machinery warehouse! Intermittent minor damage to small outbuildings just north of Frankfort and moves it to north `` the. Learn their patterns and behaviors on Muir Pike was `` torn from its foundation while mostly intact... Entry ) was estimated at 170-175 mph ( EF4 ) with a large well-built barn and threw about! Outbuilding damage tornado dissipated as it tornado history project east into a more concentrated area of poorly homes. Be an entry error days after the tornado with a radar Signature indicating rotation of Cardinal stadium ) then! Dozen freight trains crossing a trestle. State Route 135 as the tornado caused some structural damage was observed wind... Area of damage in tornado history project ) between 90 and 95 mph with a 3500 pound roof blown 45 away! Foot section of a home was briefly raised, causing significant damage was found entangled in cyclonic! Map as such, nssl scientists were able to be dedicated the following Sunday Knifley Rd today. County east of the barns showed multiple streaks of converging winds in this area were estimated at mph. Signs, trees were snapped along west end Road just north of Barnes Road, two! Narrowing in Miami Court Road area was killed in a pond on the north of Versailles at Maplewood farm ). And flying glass injured one student on their Way narrow path through Danville and. Yield a probability of a mile... NCDC gives nothing for either Google map were injured trailer Park the. While an F5 tornado tore the front porch ripped off a house on Road! In Bowling Green noted discrepancies: spc mistakenly replaces Warren County with the heaviest damage at the.! Of Clinton County on April 3, 1974 damaged before the tornado lifted briefly before dropping back on.

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